Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

TASCO offers a range of wood flooring, including solid and engineered hardwood. These floors are known for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and design versatility. They provide comfort and insulation, are environmentally sustainable, and can enhance property value. Ideal for both residential and commercial environments.

Types of Wood Flooring:
● Solid Hardwood Flooring:
A. Crafted from solid wood planks.
B. Ideal for its longevity.
C. Requires periodic sanding for maintenance.
● Engineered Hardwood Flooring:
A. Features a top layer of wood over a synthetic subfloor.
B. More moisture-resistant than solid wood. Applications:
● Residential Spaces: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens.
● Commercial Environments: Offices, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.
● Specialized Uses: Sports wood flooring for gymnasiums and sports arenas.

● Solid Wood: A classic choice, available in multiple species and finishes.
● Engineered Wood: Combines real wood with a stable core, resisting moisture well.
● Laminate Wood: A cost-effective, durable alternative with a wood-like appearance.
● Reclaimed Wood: Offers a unique, aged look with character.
● Parquet: Small wood pieces in geometric patterns, delivering a decorative effect.
● Bamboo: A sustainable, durable, eco-friendly option.
● Distressed Wood: Features an artificially aged look for a rustic charm.
● Exotic Wood: Rare species with distinctive patterns and colors for a luxurious feel.

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