Squash & Padel Courts

Squash & Padel Courts

TASCO's squash courts are designed for both competitive and recreational play, adhering to World Squash Federation standards. They offer different playing surfaces, including wood and glass, with quality construction and customizable colors. The courts feature advanced undercarriage systems for enhanced performance and durability.

● Playing Surfaces: We provide various surfaces like solid beech, wood, synthetic, rubber, and even glass, each uniformly constructed to maintain consistency across the playing area.
● Quality Construction: Our courts comply with the World Squash Federation standards, ensuring each component, from the surface to the undercarriage system, is of the highest quality.
● Surface Options: Choose from a variety of colors, with white being predominant for better ball visibility.
● Specialized Systems: We offer batten and cradle systems for uneven subfloors, adhering to European Norm EN14904:2006.
● Undercarriage Importance: The performance-enhancing undercarriage system is tailored to each court, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the surface.
● Advanced Features: Our courts feature uniform light-colored surfaces, excellent shock absorption, ideal friction, and are available in sealed or unsealed finishes.
● Professional Installation and Maintenance: TASCO's specialized team ensures precision installation and offers guidance on maintenance for extended lifespan and consistent performance.

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