Safety Pads

Safety Pads

TASCO's safety pads serve two primary purposes: sports applications and personal safety rooms. For sports, they're used in areas like gymnasiums and skate parks, made from durable materials for injury prevention. For personal safety rooms in healthcare and correctional facilities, these pads are tear-resistant and tamper-proof for the well-being of individuals with behavioral health issues. Both variants are customizable and installed by experts.

● Sport Applications: Our safety pads are designed for gymnasiums, indoor courts, wrestling rooms, climbing gyms, martial arts studios, playgrounds, outdoor sports venues, and skate parks. Made from durable materials, they provide cushioning and protection, reducing injury risks during high-impact activities.
● Personal Safety Rooms: In psychiatric hospitals, addiction treatment centers, and correctional facilities, our safety pads offer essential protection. These are made from tear-resistant, tamper-proof materials, ensuring the safety of individuals with behavioral health issues.

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