Raised Floors

Raised Floor

TASCO's raised floor systems, suitable for data centers, offices, and medical facilities, offer practicality and adaptability. Features include modularity for easy reconfiguration, safety enhancements by concealing cables, and cost-effectiveness. TASCO's Grid Mobile App adds functionality with AR technology for these systems.
Variations: Our raised floor systems come in several variations, each tailored to specific requirements:
● Steel Panel Raised Floors: Ideal for data centers and server rooms due to their durability, strength, and fire resistance.
● Wood Core and calcium Sulfate Panel Raised Floors: A balance of strength and aesthetics, perfect for offices and commercial spaces.
● Cementitious Panel Raised Floors: Suited for high traffic and heavy equipment areas, offering excellent fire resistance and durability.
● Airflow and Plenum Management Systems: Designed for environments requiring efficient airflow and cable management, like data centers.

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