Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

TASCO's epoxy flooring is suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential settings. It's known for its durability, chemical resistance, and customizable design. The flooring is low maintenance, UV resistant, and eco-friendly, making it ideal for various applications like garages, healthcare facilities, and sports areas.

● Industrial and Warehouses: For areas with heavy machinery and equipment.
● Garages and Automotive Facilities: Resistant to automotive fluids and chemicals.
● Commercial and Retail Spaces: Customizable for aesthetic appeal.
● Healthcare Facilities: Hygienic and easy to maintain.
● Sports and Recreational Facilities: Durable and safe for athletic activities.
● Residential Spaces: Increasingly popular in homes for its modern look and durability.

● Self-Leveling: For commercial and industrial settings requiring a smooth surface.
● Decorative: Customizable for commercial and residential aesthetics.
● Terrazzo Style: Cost-effective alternative to traditional terrazzo.
● Anti-Static: Ideal for electronics manufacturing and laboratories.
● High-Build: Extra durability for industrial use.
● UV-Resistant: Suitable for outdoor use or sunlit areas.

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