TASCO's decking solutions enhance outdoor spaces in residential and commercial settings. Materials range from wood to composite and aluminum, offering durability, safety, and eco-friendly options. Decking increases property value and aesthetic appeal, suitable for a variety of applications like pool areas and public parks.

● Residential Spaces: Backyards, patios, balconies, and rooftops.
● Commercial Spaces: Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality settings.
● Pool Areas: Slip-resistant surfaces for swimming pool decks.
● Waterfronts: Durable decking for boardwalks and promenades.
● Public Parks: Comfortable seating areas and observation decks.
● Industrial Settings: Walkways and platforms in factories and warehouses.
● Educational Institutions: Outdoor gathering and study areas. ● Public and Civic Spaces: Plazas, squares, and community gathering areas.
● Recreational Vehicles: Outdoor living spaces for RVs and boats.

● Wood Decking: Traditional look with various staining or painting options.
● Composite Decking: Low maintenance with a wood-like appearance.
● PVC Decking: Moisture-resistant and available in many styles.
● Aluminum Decking: Lightweight, rust-resistant, and fire-resistant.
● Bamboo Decking: Sustainable, durable, and unique in appearance.
● Pressure-Treated Decking: Cost-effective and widely used.
● Hardwood Decking: Luxurious, moisture-resistant, and extremely durable.
● Thermally Modified Wood Decking: Heat-treated for stability and rot resistance.
● Eco-Friendly Decking

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