TASCO provides cladding solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality of buildings. Options include architectural metal cladding for energy efficiency, façade or wall cladding with water resistance, fascias for roofing projects, and acoustical wall cladding for sound control. All cladding solutions are customizable and professionally installed.

TASCO offers a range of cladding solutions, each designed to enhance both the visual appeal and practicality of your residential or commercial property. Here’s an overview of our cladding offerings:
● Architectural Metal Cladding: Our architectural metal cladding stands out for its stunning visuals and energy efficiency. Suitable for walls and roofs, it’s a versatile choice for any project.
● Façade or Wall Cladding: Specializing in durable metal cladding for roofs and walls, we provide breathtaking finishes and designs. Our wall cladding offers water resistance, moisture reduction, and superior insulation.
● Fascias: Completing your roofing project with our high-quality metal fascia adds both functionality and aesthetics. Custom-made from the finest materials, our fascias seamlessly connect gutters, roofing, walls, and eaves, providing a consistent and quality finish in a range of colors.
● Acoustical Walls Cladding: Ideal for commercial and residential spaces, this cladding improves acoustics by controlling sound reflections and reverberations.

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