Carpets: Customized Comfort and Style for Every Setting

TASCO offers diverse carpeting solutions for various settings, including residential, commercial, healthcare and mosques. Key features include a variety of materials like nylon and wool, different constructions such as tufted and woven, and multiple pile options for style and texture. The carpets come with supportive backings, offering features like moisture resistance. Additional options include stain-resistant and eco-friendly carpets. TASCO provides professional installation and easy maintenance for a long-lasting, appealing look.

● Materials: Choose from nylon, polyester, wool, or synthetic fibers, each offering unique benefits in durability, comfort, and cost.
● Construction: Our carpets come in woven, tufted, or bonded styles, ensuring strength and longevity.
● Pile Options: Select from cut pile for softness, loop pile for texture, or a combination for a distinctive look.
● Backing: Our carpets feature stable and supportive backings, with options like moisture resistance and anti-slip properties.
● Additional Features: Opt for stain-resistant, antimicrobial, or eco-friendly carpets to suit your specific needs.
● Professional Installation: We ensure your carpets are installed perfectly, guaranteeing fit, durability, and safety.
● Maintenance: Our carpets are designed for easy upkeep, helping to extend their lifespan and maintain their appearance.

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