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Recreation flooring

about us


Founded in Year 2008

A young, dynamic company managed by field’s expert professionals managing a team of technicians, supervisors, architects under own legal sponsorship.

TASCO have a long experience in resilient and sport flooring installations with additional multi-discipline background in most of the finishing architectural products such as false and wood ceilings, partitions, sport halls and equipment including: Maple Sport Wood flooring, spectators seats, scoreboards, wall pads etc..

TASCO is certified contractor by several world famous manufacturers for the supply and installation of Vinyl floor, ceiling systems and sport floors and accessories. Those certification were earned after extensive on the field and in the classroom training from companies like USG, BCIC, GERFLOR, ARTIGO, MONDO and ROBBINS. Moreover, unlike other contractors, TASCO employees are equipped with state-of-the-art tools of the trade.

TASCO is proud of keeping you up to date with the technologies in its specialization areas. Permanentlymodernizing in a variety of products reputed for innovation and quality.

TASCO is backed by vastly experienced team in technical sales support and after sales services.

TASCO is supported by the manufacturers to ensure top quality standard in installation of the products we represent.

In all the various projects, should they be Private projects, Public projects or projects that present technical challenges, the company, provides, Supply and installation of a wide range portfolio of many architectural finishing products

On the field we're teammates

We believe in innovations and technologies, those help create spaces that contribute to a pleasant environment whether it is for learning, curing, working, playing or for sport activities. We continuously strive to implement innovative solutions for: flooring, ceiling, partitions and sporting systems for a sense of safety, comfort, aesthetic and fun coupled with productivity in all social environments.

Tasco team treats every client's project as if it is our own, providing top quality products and professional services . We anticipate potential problems before they arise so our clients are able to maintain a high level of confidence and peace of mind during the installation process. Our goal is to not only earn your business once.. but to earn your business for a lifetime.

We take pride in achieving our project in a timely manner and in efficient way that minimizes wastage of material.

Our representatives and engineers will be glad to assist you upon your request for site inspection prior to submitting a quote.

Our team of Architects and technicians offer the unique ability to perform quality concepts for flooring, ceiling, and sport arenas and work in team spirit with the project owner, designer and main contractor. After all our Motto is: On The Field We Are Teammates.

Complete turn-key solution for Sport facilities from the floor up (including floors, walls, specialized accessories electronic equipment, and seating systems)

Acoustical Ceiling systems.

Gypsum board partition systems

Floor coverings: Vinyl, Linoleum, and Rubber

Raised access floors systems

Handrails, corners and wall protection for hospitals schools or sports Arenas.